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Customer Testimonials

“The JDS Team has been supporting the Promark GSA Schedule and other contract efforts for over 10 years.  Debbie and the team ensure that we are getting our mods processed accurately and in a timely manner.  They also keep us up to date on both GSA and government compliance issues.  They are truly an integral part of our contracts team!”

- Todd Hartung, Director, Promark Technology, Inc.

"In my 44 years with the federal government, all of them in contracting, I found Debbie to be the most knowledgeable, efficient and productive consultant I had ever had dealings with and she made mine and other contracting officers jobs easier with her extensive knowledge. She was continually reviewing changes within the government, the FAR, Administrative changes, policy updates, presidential orders and kept her clients appraised so they would be compliant with their contract(s). Her client list covered leaders in the various industries that dealt with GSA. Her knowledge covered multiple procurement centers within GSA. I never found her wanting and everyone who dealt with her had nothing but praise for her skills."

- David O'Neill, Contracting Officer, GSA

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