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Schedules Consulting

  • No charge strategic review to ensure your product/service falls within the scope of a particular schedule.

  • Preparation of information needed for Schedule submission. This could entail any or all of the following:

  • Fair and reasonable price determination

  • Representations and Certifications

  • Determination of your Most Favored Customer (MFC) and how it relates to the pricing you are offering the Government (standard commercial sales practices)

  • Project Experience

  • Quality Control Plan

  • Corporate Experience

  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan (if applicable)

  • Financial responsibility

  • Letters of Supply

  • Acceptance of the Government Credit Card

  • Compliance with Trade Agreements Act

  • Document review to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the solicitation and other Government regulations.

  • Pricing analysis for maximum profitability.

  • Clarification and Negotiation Support - JDS will represent your firm throughout the negotiation process to include pricing strategies, Most Favored Customer as it relates to the Price Reduction Clause as well as applicable terms and conditions.

  • Final Proposal Revision letter preparation and submission to GSA.

  • Contract Award - Your responsibility does not stop here. In order to keep and maintain your contract, you must ensure that you are compliant with all of the requirements of the contract.

Contract Management

  • Modifications - This could include, but is not limited to addition/deletion of products/services, price changes, administrative changes such as change of address, phone number, etc.

  • Sales Reporting and Industrial Funding Fee - During the term of your contract, GSA requires that, on a quarterly basis, you report your sales and pay the .75% Industrial Funding Fee. This fee must be included in your final negotiated price and is mandatory.

  • TDR Reporting – If your Contract is Subject to Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) this point of sales data reporting is monthly.

  • Sales Training to ensure your team has the tools necessary to leverage your schedule contract.

  • GSA Advantage! - GSA Advantage is online shopping and ordering for services and products under all of the GSA Multiple Award Schedules. It is a mandatory requirement that all approved prices be uploaded into this system.

  • Novations and/or Name Change Agreements.

  • Evergreen Support - GSA's MAS' contracts are "evergreen"- this means that they are for a 20-year period - One 5-year base period and three 5-year option periods. However, it is not guaranteed that your option periods will be exercised. Within one year of the expiration of your 5-year contract period, you will receive a letter from GSA requesting information. This information is used to determine whether or not your option period should be exercised.

Compliance/Audit Support

  • Mid Term Contract Review - JDS will ensure you are complying with all of the terms and conditions of your contract. We will personally review all of your procedures to ensure that they are in place and in accordance with the requirements of your contract.

  • Price Reduction Monitoring - In accordance with Clause 552.238-75, before the award of a contract you will agree upon the customer(s) which will be the basis of award and the Government's price or discount relationship to the identified customer(s). This relationship MUST be maintained throughout the term of the contract. JDS will be your guide throughout this process.

  • Most Favored Customer Analysis - GSA requires that the prices you offer the Government to be "equal to" or "better than" the prices you offer your most favored customer, terms and conditions being alike. Based on the information you provide JDS; we will do an analysis and compare all of your customers for the purpose of this very important part of your proposal submission.

  • Audit Report – Schedules are periodically audited by the IG.  JDS will support all facets of the audit to include data compilation, interaction with auditors and resolution of any identified issues.

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